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MNS School Values

TIKAto be correcttrueuprightrightjustfair




Working together and playing your part.


Ngākau pono


Doing or saying the right thing, even if it is hard.  It is being honest with yourself and others.




Being helpful, caring and considerate of other people.




Doing all that you can to learn and achieve, by being determined to succeed, challenging yourself and being resilient when things seem hard.

Tika means to be correct, true, upright, right, just and fair.

The following values are taught, modelled, and integrated into our curriculum as well as through our wider community engagements. They were decided upon after consultation with our community and children.

Click on the links to view our Māori and Samoan values that were also created in consultation with our MNS families.

Miramar North School

Our Goals

It is our goal to develop students who will:

  • Recognise the need to be guardians of their environment
  • Be open & sensitive to the needs, values & unique qualities of others
  • Have a well-developed sense of self worth
  • Experience the benefits of being active citizens within their community
  • Begin to develop an understanding of how integrated and closely connected our world is
  • Experience what it is to be a creative thinker and have opportunities to share their creative ideas and innovations